It’s me Your bike, your style, our passion

Far away from power mania and knee dragging, we offer exclusive motorcycles in old and new metal. We're dedicated to traditional values, inspired by the pulse of former times and living this dream in the center of Berlin.

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The Story


Let's step away from mainstream and marketing ramblings for a few honest words


They always want them authentic and cool, sure sure. We are tired of listening to, not to mention understanding, words that have lost all their meaning, after being hyped to death and therefore damned to mainstream. Urban Motor endeavours to live and share the pure joy of machines, aesthetics, style and feeling, from our gut-feeling, to the small and fine, simple and genuine! Let's party on the way we are. What started with our passion for motorbikes ...

went on to grow into our shop... little by little, searching our souls, and living through our hearts. All this represented through hardwear, softwear, gadgets, parts, style, media... we show everyone what moves us, and allow anyone else the chance to participate! So authentic and cool, right?! From us for you – with utmost honesty!

Take care, Peter


Urban Motor with the Track Grinder at the Munich Creative Business Week

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